Firm Overview

lawyers leaving courtBickham Law, is a civil trial law firm, representing clients in wrongful accident, personal injury, car accidents, truck accident cases and other seriously injury cases.

Bickham Law provides injury victims and their families throughout the New Orleans area and Louisiana with the aggressive, ethical representation they need after a serious injury or loss of a family member.  Whether the case is settled or requires a trial, we will be fully prepared to put you in the position for achieving the best possible outcome.

At Bickham Law, we believe that when corporate defendants, insurance companies, or individuals injure people through reckless, or negligent conduct they should be held accountable for the harm they caused.  We have the experience, ability, and resources to the best possible results for your case.

Free Consultation

At Bickham Law, we have dedicated our legal skills and resources to securing the full and fair compensation our clients deserved.  We look forward to helping you get the money your case deserve.  Contact us today at 504-584-5730 for a free initial consultation.